Minnesota Fishing Challenge 2018

Team 143

100 Percent of Your Support Goes to

Those Who Desperately Need Help

Al Lindner and Jim Kalkofen have been working behind the scenes of the MN Fishing Challenge for years.  This year they are fishing it together.  Al hosts the event that Jim created.  Jim directed the MN Fishing Challenge until moving closer to his grandkids in Montana two years ago.  The one-day, multi-species tournament has grown significantly since year one. 


Because of friends like you, hundreds of thousands of well-needed dollars have poured into the Teen Challenge programs with every Fishing Challenge.   The goal of $300,000 is within reach this year.


That’s why Al and Jim are asking you to sacrifice the cost of three Rapalas and donate it to our team.  That is $20.  More would be welcome; a 10-spot would definitely be acceptable. Every dollar will go to the Brainerd MNTC center. 


We want to renew all the friendships made over the years at this event.  We want to thank God for helping us develop the Fishing Challenge into what it is today.  And, someplace on the “to-do” list is to put a fish into our livewell.


Most importantly, we want to thank you for supporting those who desperately need help by donating to our team. 



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If you have any questions about the MN Fishing Challenge, contact our events team at: brainerdevents@mntc.org

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