Minnesota Fishing Challenge 2019

Team MC (Meyer and Casperson)

Almost everyone knows someone who is struggling with chemical dependency. Drug and alcohol addiction ravishes families, it destroys lives...and despite all we know about how dangerous and damaging it is...the problem continues to grow.

The MN Fishing Challenge is a fishing tournament to help benefit Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge. For almost 30 years, Mn Adult and Teen Challenge (MnTC) has been restoring hope to people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. With campuses in Minneapolis, Brainerd, Duluth and Rochester, MnTC serves individuals through their licensed shorter-term and faith-based long-term programs. The mission is to assist teens (boys & girls) and adults (men & women) in gaining freedom from chemical addiction and other life-controlling problems by addressing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

The team of Meyer & Casperson (Team MC #77) will be fishing in the MN Fishing Challenge fund raiser for MN Adult & Teen Challenge on June 1. This is our third event.

We have a deep desire to assist people people utilize the excellent alcohol and drug treatment services provided by MNATC, especially those needing a long term recovery program. These are people who have been in residential treatment, usually about 28 days, and have experienced relapse (often repeatedly). Insurance companies usually provide for short term treatment of 14-90 days partially or whole. However they do not provide assistance with long term recovery. MNATC tries to assist individuals, both male & female, with cost as it is able. That is the focus of this fund raiser.

MNATC’s long term recovery program is 12+ months based on individual circumstances utilizing evidenced based, such as 12-step, and faith based practices. No one is required to be Christian, optional programing is offered. Long term programing involves four steps, each built on the prior component: accept/recognize their destructive habits, healing the trauma in their lives; character growth such as developing increased self respect; and practice/transition to a productive life style including education/employment, support system, relationship skills, housing,and relapse prevention. A variety of services are utilized including marriage & family therapy & psychological for co-occurring & mental health needs.

Bob Casperson has a personal interest as a family member has completed the long term recovery program and knows the many tensions addiction forces on the family.

Darryl Meyer had a 40+ year social service career including addressing chemical dependency. Repeated short term admissions were quite common including court ordered. The most seen were 16-17 – some ended with positive results, others absolute disaster. Addiction was/is no respecter of status seeing business owners, those in professional positions, CEO level, construction workers and homeless persons affected as well as their families.

Your support of our effort is greatly appreciated.

Please consider partnering with us to raise funds for this great cause. Every dollar donated goes straight to Mn Adult and Teen Challenge and is 100 percent tax-deductible. To make a donation online to our team, click on DONATE NOW. You can also donate with checks written to Mn Adult & Teen Challenge. Send these checks to us and we will get them to Teen Challenge.

Whatever you can give will help - it all adds up!

You can learn more about what MnTC is doing to save lives by visiting their website: mntc.org 


Bob Casperson

Long Prairie, MN


Darryl Meyer

Albert Lea, MN


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If you have any questions about the MN Fishing Challenge, contact Rachael Biggar at 218-833-8764 or Rachael.Biggar@mntc.org

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