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Minnesota Fishing Challenge 2022

Mixed bag champs 2019
Mixed bag champs 2019


Hi Everyone,
Well everyone always ask me, Nick how did you do it? What did You do to change? And all I can say is I surrenderd to God. For over 25 years I tried to run my world, Run the system, Do what I wanted ,When I wanted, And how I wanted, All without any God in my life. And guess what? It was and endless cycle and a dead-end life. I was in trouble all the time, I'd get high and drink and fight , couldn't hold a job, couldn't maintain a relationship or a life. I was living But I didn't have life and I got down on my knees and I ask God to just please help me. Yeah I knew it was a long shot , How or why would he help me? So I just prayed. And what I was told by him was, I Love You, I Have Always Loved You and I will Always Love You. I couldn't really believe it but I was going to try and just love alittle back. I started to trust him and I just surrenderd to his will and not mine and things started to change in me , From the inside out. Everyday I know his love and what it means to me and my life. I have now got over 10 years clean and sober. I have a beautiful wife and a relationship with My Lord and Savior That is stronger than any drugs this world could offer. So when people ask me....I Let them know "there ain't no High like the MOST HIGH". So I am in this contest Just to try and be Love to the ones who think they are unloveable, and be a light in the darkness. Thanks for checking us out and please help us help others. Please consider partnering with us to raise funds for this great cause. Every dollar donated goes straight to Mn Adult and Teen Challenge and is 100 percent tax-deductible. To make a donation online for our team, TeamBobberdown....(all one word).... Just click the Donate Now button on our page. Our goal this year is to surpass the 5000$ mark as a team.Thank you and God bless.....Nick Grbich and Russ Pogatchnik


Oh P.S

We are the defending mix bag champ.1st place 2019

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